What COVID-19 Revealed: A Positive Message From UTS CEO, Julia Govinden

Currently much of the world wakes up to the same reality, how the onset of COVID-19 has and will affect our lives. With this unforeseen global crisis, we have all had to make daily life adjustments.

Country to country impact varies and at this time, first and foremost is the protection of our team, extended colleagues and network who continue to work to bring UTS events and projects to life and find sustainable approaches in light of the pandemic.

Although the future is uncertain, we have all come to witness and be a part of beautiful acts of kindness, it is unprecedented as we see and contribute our part towards the world uniting and coming together to ensure we keep our social distance, that precautionary measures are taken and where health is made a crucial priority.

The environment no doubt is having a break from air congestion, harmful emissions and pollution as much of the world is at home, under quarantine or avoiding travel. Social media is seeing a celebration of gratitude to our support systems of people who work to keep us all supported, countless individuals worldwide are working to educate and so working towards a common goal. To protect human life.

Our role is to ensure that we keep working to form alliances and together give opportunity, safe access to sports and to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. We are now working to contribute during this pandemic and encourage people to keep positive, keep active and keep healthy.We will continue to do our utmost towards the future of humankind and to contribute where we can towards a brighter future.