The United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival 2020 has brought 80 organisations together to united to move forward as one past this pandemic. The event is under patronage of IOC, IPC,SOI, SportAccord and GAISF promoting inclusion, non-discrimination, equality and peace.

Youth from around the world have participated in qualification events to represent their organisations and are training enthusiastically every day to get ready for the grand finale from the 18-23 November.

Our youth have the opportunity to participate during the UTS Festival in a variety of ways.

The Max Fit competition will test strength and endurance; Aero Fit will require artistic and rhythmic elements; the IPC and their inclusive sports division will require participants to submit two components: a 90 second routine and a 45 second request to the leaders of sport towards a better world inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the Special Olympics is testing a new pilot sport model based on personal improvement which they will launch to the world during the Festival. Lastly there is the Talent Competition where the youth can showcase their talents and unique ability. This division is already a major hit by all organisations.

The CEO of United Through Sports, Julia Govinden stated, “Each organisation has chosen their own Youth Ambassadors to represent their organisations and sport. Each Youth Ambassador is so unique, and they are proudly inspiring us on so many levels. These united voices are showcasing the fundamental values of; equality, diversity, inclusion and the unique power of sport.”