This year the world’s only virtual youth festival has brought over 100 international and national federations as well as sport affiliated organisations together. The festival is an opportunity for all youth to have a chance to shine on an equal platform in a variety of ways. The festival was created as part of the solution to reduce youth inactivity and encourage positive life skills and values.

The event includes 5 competitions: Max Fit, Aero Fit, Talent, IPC Inclusive Challenge and the SOI Unified Fitness Challenge.

The Max Fit competition tests core strength and endurance; Aero Fit requires artistic and rhythmic elements with a performance by pairs. The Talent competition is extremely popular, inviting youth to showcase their unique talents and abilities. The International Paralympic Committee invites youngsters to create their own exercise routineand film themselves telling world leaders why they should be supportive of #WeThe15, and how they can transform the lives of the world’s 1.2 billion persons with disabilities who make up 15% of the earth’s population. The fifth competition is the Special Olympics Challenge. This is an 8-week collaborative effort between UTS and SOI. The challenge enables youth with and without an intellectual disability to participate in a global competition and will be paired together as a team who attempt to reach their own personal best across three exercises.

The competitions invite a mix of athletes from IF and NFs, Youth from NGO’s including Right to Play, UNESCO, World Martial Arts Masterships, Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation and youth from cities including: Paris, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Dakar, Gangwon, Birmingham, Milano Cortina, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Uzbekistan and many more. 

We invite all youth under 18 of all abilities, to join the fun competitions towards a healthy and active lifestyle from across the 5 continents. Our aim is to encourage the participation of over 30,000 children from around the world in the festival, which will include 17 different events.  

The CEO of United Through Sports, Julia Govinden stated, “Each organisation has nominated their own Youth Ambassadors who stand to represent their organisations and sport. Each Youth Ambassador is so unique, and they are proudly inspiring us all on so many levels. These united voices are showcasing the fundamental values of equality, diversity, inclusion and the true power of sport to not only change lives, but change the world. This pandemic has affected everybody and we don’t intend to go back, we look forward. We adapt not only to learn, but to do better together.”

The competitions can be watched on the virtual platform and registration is open at: 

[email protected] this platform is accessible to the public and youth can access this website to view all competitions, launch and closing ceremonies which are all youth performers, the medal ceremonies, upcoming world sport events and meet the inspiring UTS Youth Ambassadors, who stand to make a united call to action for more inclusion, equality and non-discrimination. For the first time during the virtual festival, you can explore an innovative and informative virtual exhibition with major cities and international sport organisations showcasing their next exciting projects and events.

To find out more about the festival visit: www.uts.sport or to discuss further email [email protected]. Follow the festival fun on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin or use #United4thefuture where the spotlight shines on our youth, the future.