Bangkok – The United Through Sports (UTS) World Youth Festival 2022 was activated this year with 5 virtual competitions. Last year, in the midst of the pandemic the World Youth Festival took place virtually. There was an unexpected and overwhelming number of people that joined. The festival had over 50,000 youth joining from across 126 countries. At the core, the festival built upon the four pillars of UTS, inclusion, equality, non-discrimination, and promotion of peace by inviting youth with and without disabilities, youth from challenged backgrounds, and those from diverse cultures and religions. At the center, the festival encouraged all youth to compete equally and share their talents through their passion for sports.

As we emerge from a post-Covid era, it’s vital to continue to reach further than ever as the youth need our continued support. No matter where you are or who you are, anyone under 18 can join the World Youth Festival. So this year the festival is a new hybrid format linking both physical and virtual participation. 

The virtual competitions are Max Fit, Aero Fit, Talent Show, Unified Fitness Challenge, and Move Now. The Max Fit and Aero Fit were created by the International Federations coming together, the Unified Fitness Challenge by the Special Olympics, and Move Now by the International Paralympic Committee. Where the Max Fit, Aero Fit, Move Now, and Unified Fitness Challenge focus on core strength and fitness, the Talent Show focuses on sharing diversity and the freedom to share authentic skills on a global stage. The Max Fit, Aero Fit, and Unified Fitness Challenge competitions are open internationally and the finals will be held when the physical festival opens on the 14th of November at the grounds of the Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok. Move Now from the International Paralympic Committee will kick start mid-November.

The diverse competitions give the youth of all abilities a space to get active, keep fit, share their talents, compete, and have fun. International and National Sports Federations have reached out to their youth and are joining the event encouraging the international sports community to keep inspiring society towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

UTS Sports coordinator Janice Lyn said: “We are proud to once again reach out to the world with our virtual competitions united through sports. The international and national sports federations have responded with great enthusiasm and we are already seeing great entries coming in. We are honored to work closely with the International Paralympic Committee and the Special Olympics as we strive for a more inclusive world. We welcome both past competitors and new competitors alike to the virtual platform. The competition has not finished, so if you want to show us your talent come and join us!”

The finals will take place from 14-18 November and can be watched on our virtual platform. All winners will be judged by technical officials who are uniting for a unique experience, from over 50 International Federations. On 20 November, medal ceremonies will be hosted live and virtually at our closing ceremony in Bangkok and on the virtual platform. 

The competitions are still open. If you are under 18 and interested to join, please reach out to [email protected] to find out how to join. The World Youth Festival 2022 in Bangkok is under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics, AIMS, Gaisf, and Sportaccord.

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