UTS Launches #ThISISUTS Campaign

In light of the challenging times we all face, United Through Sports has launched a digital campaign to encourage open dialogue, unity and to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle.

UTS launched the campaign to encourage not only athletes and the sport community to keep active, but to reach out to individuals across the globe to contribute their thoughts, feelings, exercise programs, tips and talents encouraging social engagement despite the current necessary physical distancing.

#ThisIsUTS stands to show solidarity, unity in diversity and give a voice to the community united through the power of sports.

#ThisIsUTS Campaign

The action of the campaign is to encourage and influence people all over the world to share via social media platforms how they are spending their time during the Corona virus pandemic. We all have twenty-four hours in a day, but what do people do with this time? How can they inspire and influence others? how can we share thoughts, information and promote awareness towards mental as well as physical well-being?

We encourage everyone to send or tag us in their photos and videos sharing also their words which are placed under the hashtag which stands to unite us all.

President of UTS Stephan Fox shared his views concerning the current international state of affairs stating “Today’s world is globalised but at the same time there exists division and fragility. This year, the world is standing together to overcome the Corona virus pandemic. Our united vision is leading to consequently closer international bonds. The world of sport stands together and through the Olympic values of unity, solidarity, respect and non-discrimination, it demonstrates once again the unifying power sport embodies. Many people are living under restrictions and quarantine, they cannot go to their gyms or clubs, to play, train or compete and this new era of social distancing is exercising physical distance but by no means any less social, the results are quite the contrary.

In my opinion the world has become socially much more proximal, through social media platforms we are truly connected. Where borders or politics separate us, it is the sporting youth that stand strong inviting us into their homes, to their private space, breaking barriers and taking down walls of division. We are all witness to the positive impact of cultural barriers being overcome and where the sporting youth are following each other’s workouts, their words of empowerment and more than ever before, having the opportunity to discover each other physically. We are separated in distance for now but united through sports we feel hope and support from each other with the help of those on the frontline along with science, the world of sport and the Olympic Values which shine brighter than ever.”

“We are facing a time of potential mass innovation, more general social engagement than before the pandemic and a chance for us all to reflect and evaluate our lives and the future. Such introspection has led to many placing their health and well-being at the forefront and making positive changes to their daily lives. This is a powerful time for us to share, to engage in dialogue, to unite towards a better world and to put life into perspective. Where exercising is free and with active social engagement, we must maximise on promoting positive awareness and tools towards positive development. It is a time to demonstrate our united adaptive power to take action and make serious decisions towards the future of humankind. Once this virus is no longer a challenge, we must be prepared to take the next steps and continue on this healthier and united path” stated UTS Chief Executive Officer Julia Govinden driver of the campaign.

We encourage everybody to use their social media to share, to join us and contribute to the conversation and information sharing. Ultimately our goal is the health, safety and well-being of society and we will continue to do our best to contribute to this plight.

Together we will overcome all challenges!

Join the “ThisIsUTS” Campaign now and post your ”ThisIsUTS” and tag @unitedthroughsports