UTS and WMC Sign an MOU At The 2019 World Martial Arts Masterships

A milestone was reached with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between United Through Sports and the World Martial Arts Masterships Committee to combine efforts in using the power of sports towards the benefit for the youth of the world.

WMC President and Governor of Chungju city, Mr Si-Jong Lee and UTS CEO Julia Govinden signed the memorandum of understanding in the presence and with witness of former Secretary General of United Nations Mr Ban Ki Moon, President of GAISF Mr Raffaele Chiulli, IOC member Mrs Khunying Patama Leeswadtrakul, AIMS President Mr Stephan Fox and President of World Taekwondo Mr ChungWon Choue. Both parties held a separate meeting and agreed on a strategy, where an agreement was made as to the next steps of implementation. 

Governor Lee stated the World Masterships bridge the world is a perfect example as to how the world of combat sports and martial arts through deep cultural roots can build bridges to the benefit of the next generation.

CEO of UTS Julia Govinden expressed the delight on behalf of the AIMS family to have solidified this union to pool resources together in order to build a strong foundation that is set to see children worldwide flourish.

His Excellency Ban Ki Moon who has been a firm supporter of UTS and who made the keynote speech at the UTS Conference in Australia just a few months ago, once again made an emotional speech about the importance of sports and Olympic humanity.

GAISF President Chiulli stated that GAISF will continue to support this great initiative to create alliances, with common goals towards the betterment of society where GAISF stands for one voice in sport, and one voice towards a better world.

AIMS President Stephan Fox, stated that this masterships is a testimony to the power of unity in diversity living and competing together under a strict code of honour and based on respect. If there is no respect there is no survival, therefore the future looks much brighter with this alliance.

UTS would like to thank everyone who is and has contributed towards this historical moment, where together we can do so much more, together we can build bridges and together we can bring smiles.