Using Blockchain for the Good of Sport

Blockchain makes an impact at Sportaccord World Sport & Business Summit. The 2019 SportAccord Convention was once again hailed as a major success with this year’s summit topic: The Future of Big Data and Analytics. There were many world-class speakers, with keynote speaker Heinrich Zetlmayer, General Partner at Blockchain Valley Ventures. Mr Zetlmayer delivered a presentation depicting the usage of blockchain for the good of sport. EX Sport, who works under the motto “Blockchain is good” for sport, used pilot projects to demonstrate how blockchain can be utilized for the good of sport.

A case study was made in collaboration with the International Jujitsu federation and information was given to the International Federations showcasing opportunities blockchain can provide to sport and towards the betterment of society.

EX Sport has already made a partnership with United Through Sports (UTS) for various projects, making donations towards youth from challenged backgrounds and funding has been given to establish fields of play in Bangkok. EX Sports have also sponsored Urban events in the region to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the youth and have fully supported the UTS initiative on the Gold Coast which included keynote speakers; IOC President Dr Thomas Bach, the 8th Former General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, His Royal Highness Prince Faisal and many others.

Toli Makris, EX Sports Co-founder stated “EX Sport will continue to nurture this important relationship, giving disadvantaged youth a belonging. Some of these youth have been flown into the Gold Coast to give them an opportunity to be a part of the festival. The smiles of these youth inspire us to continue to cooperate with sporting organizations such as UTS to utilize sport as a platform towards social change”.