United For Clean Sport

A record number of over 2200 attendees participated in the United Through Sports Workshop #2 on “Clean Sport” presented by WADA and ITA.

The Workshop was open for all the youth of participating organizations, their friends and teammates and their entire athlete support personnel.

Entire families joined from their living rooms, students from their lecture halls in universities and school classrooms, generating an overall huge online number.

UTS President, Stephan Fox, opened the workshop thanking everyone who contributed and highlighted again that the protection of clean athletes is key.

As a martial artist he stated, “That in martial arts there is a saying, we would rather lose in honesty than win in dishonesty.”

He then handed the workshop over to the WADA Vice President and a true Olympian, Yang Yang and ITA Education Manager and Olympian, Olya Abasolo and assisted by: Ariadna Camargo, Education Coordinator of the World Anti-Doping Agency and Eva Erfle, Education Consultant of World Anti-Doping Agency.

The interactive workshop covered many topics from their sporting experiences to the practice of the doping process in easy understandable steps.

The participants engaged themselves and finished with a message of standing UNITED FOR CLEAN SPORT.