A crowd of over 1000 Sporting Youth leaders supporting the first United Through Sports Festival Workshop: “BECOMING A SUCCESSFUL CHANGE LEADER IN YOUR COMMUNITY THROUGH SPORT”

The workshop was presented by Yunus Sport Hub and IOC Youth Leaders.

UTS President, Stephan Fox, opened the workshop by thanking everyone who contributed to this opening workshop. He stated, ”The next five days are with and for the Youth of the world and for them to inspire us towards a better world. The choice we make today determines our tomorrow.” He thanked the IOC for their Youth Leaders initiative and Yunus Sports Hub. Professor Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and IOC President, will both be part of the upcoming Opening Ceremony and Opening Conference for the United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival.

The President further thanked UTS CEO, Julia Govinden, for being one of the leading engines in putting this event together.

Marisa Schlenker, YSH, Community Manager, mediated the workshop and introduced the 4 amazing Youth leaders:

Geewon Yoo, Korea University, IOC Young Leader from South Korea

Jean- Claude RUGIGANA, IOC Young Leader from Rwanda, Founder of Sport4Change Media, IT & Communication Officer for NOC-Rwanda

Maria Renee Rodriquez, IOC Young Leader from Guatemala, Professional Racquetball Athlete

Rohith Maradapa, IOC Young Leader India, National Rowing Team, Founder Just Play India, Officer in Provincial Government’s Energy Department

For anyone who missed out on watching or being part of this incredible first workshop. Please watch it again on the UTS website: