Thailand Praises the Success of the UTS Festival

The United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival made a big impact in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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Bangkok, Thailand was proudly the host of this historical sport and educational event.

Over 3 months, the Thai Youth prepared and practiced to be a part of the various festival events. The Opening and Closing Ceremony, the competitions and the workshops.

Youth participated in the Opening Ceremony with a special band of all abilities which had been formed and the Thai Dance, Cheerleading and Gymnastic Federations sending their National Teams to perform.

Schools and Universities participated in the 3 workshops and hosts were gathered from various schools. Youth participated from the various sports organizations and NGOs such as Right To Play and Sport Is Your Gang.
The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were broadcast on Thai National TV and there were daily reports in the local newspapers.

Julia Govinden, CEO Of United Through Sports, stated “This unique festival was the perfect opportunity to get not only the youth back together, but to also bring the international sport community even closer together. The virtual festival model allowed us to reach much further and with strong, supportive alliances, we were able to inspire youth around the world and invited them to take their rightful place, center stage.”

UTS must thank all the youth from the Kingdom of Thailand. You brought joy to the world and you opened your hearts to welcome everybody.