South Korea Partners with UTS to Launch: Baseball5 University Championships

South Korea – University students saw the launch of an innovative program to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Across South Korea, students were united through Baseball5.

On Sunday, December 10th, the new ‘UTS & KOREA CUP National University Baseball5 Championships’ was held at Seoil University Gymnasium, in Seoul metropolis city.

Ansan University (A/B Team), Seoil University, and Yongin University students participated in the championships.

‘Baseball5,’ is known internationally as ‘street baseball,’ and in Korea, is currently a small-scale baseball game that is played 5X5 as the name suggests. Among the new sports derived from regular baseball games, there are similar sports such as softball and T-ball, but Baseball5 is characterized by the simplicity of not requiring a baseball bat and glove.

The World Baseball·Softball Confederation under the dedicated leadership of President Riccardo FRACCARI, WBSC developed Baseball5 in 2017. The discipline made its debut as a demonstration sport for the 2018 Buenos Aires Summer Youth Olympics, and was then adopted as an official sport towards Dakar 2026 Summer Youth Olympic Games.

The results of this championships were as follows:

First Place: Ansan Univ. Team A Second Place: Asan Univ. Team B
Third Place: Seoil University Participant Award: Yongin University

The awarding ceremony was presented by Senior Vice-President Dr. Keon-sik HEO of UTS-KOREA, who is a Senior Director of the World Martial Arts Masterships Committee (WMC).

UTS-KOREA (President Chang-jin LIM) has received approval to collaborate with United Through Sports under the Presidency of Stephan Fox. Together with the UTS HQ, UTS-Korea advocates for the spirit of the Olympic Movement sharing and upholding the Olympic values.

UTS-KOREA is working to create a world where youth around the world come together through sports and there is no better place to start than at home.

The program will aim to encourage more youth from the region to take part and experience new sports with a mission to ensure inclusion for everybody.