Last weekend the 5th SDG Global Festival of Action, supported by the UN SDG Action Campaign, took place. This time it was held virtually due to the pandemic. The festival tried to find new ways to exchange knowledge, increase mutual understanding, develop solutions, and connect key partners and organizations to take action toward the Social Development Goals (SDGs). 

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The 2-day festival provided a dynamic and interactive platform where delegates can see the latest innovations, new ideas, tools and approaches to the SDG implementation. UTS was in attendance for several of the exceptional sessions taking home key messages and many thought-provoking concepts.

The event incorporated 1 main stage, a Japan stage, 4 interactive spaces, 300 speakers from 80+ countries, 4 networking zones, 28 workshops, 20 exhibits, 10 performances, with the slogan: “Let’s #turnitaround, For People and the Planet.” During the festival delegates could connect with international leaders, changemakers, activists, the private sector and more. The event attracted more than 10K from 180+ countries and is here to encourage and inspire decision-makers, corporate companies, government, UN leaders, media, social entrepreneurs and activists.

The 4 different themes were discussed: Climate Action, Gender Equality, Inclusive Systems & Finance and Poverty & Inequality.  

Due to COVID-19 the world is at a turning point and it’s now more important than ever before to work together towards a better recovery and following the SDG’s.