The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC)and United Through Sports (UTS) signed a historical agreement held virtually on 1 September to work together to foster inclusion, youth development and equity through sports and UTS initiatives.

The Philippines Olympic Committee played an important part in the 2020 UTS World Virtual Youth Festival under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and Special Olympics. Pearl Managuelod, executive board member of the POC brought youth across many sports in the region to take part and get active during the pandemic.

UTS is looking forward to an even greater cooperation for the 2021 UTS World Virtual Youth Festival which will see thousands of youth across the five continents get active.

Recent events have demonstrated that if we continue to stand in unity and solidarity for and with the youth of the world, then we will emerge from any crisis we face even stronger than before.

An official signing demonstrates the commitment of both entities to collaborate to improve global access to sport opportunities and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle regardless to abilities, social background, whilst working towards reducing existing inequalities.

UTS and POC have already shown a close collaboration which will evolve through the new-arising sport opportunities and events.

The POC President Abraham N. Tolentino said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to create a stronger relationship between UTS and the POC. We look forward to the World Virtual Youth Festival this year and all the other upcoming events where we will work together in the best interests of the youth.”                                                      

Stephan Fox, UTS President, said: I think we all understand more than ever, the importance of sport to recover from the covid-19 crisis. There, I once again congratulate the Philippines on paving the way to stay physically and mentally healthy during these unprecedented times. I want to thank the POC under your leadership, President, and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation with the Philippines in our united strength. On behalf of UTS, we thank you and congratulations and our respect for the visionary work the POC is doing under your leadership.