UTS would like to thank each and every organization who has contributed towards the success of the United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival 2020.

Tomorrow evening, Bangkok will host the Gala Awards Night where over 300 kids who have participated in the event from various sports disciplines will come together to enjoy the festive activities.

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The evening will include the announcement of all the winners of Max Fit, Aero Fit, Talent, Youth Ambassadors and we will celebrate and salute every competitor, official and organization!  

At 7pm Thai time/1pm CET, all finals will be announced and can be viewed on the United Through Sports website:

On Sunday, December 20th, 2020, at 1pm CET/7pm Thai time, everyone can watch the entire Gala, Medal Ceremonies and Youth Awards on the United Through Sports website. It will be a beautiful night and please announce it through all your social media platforms.

All outstanding medals and certificates will be sent before Christmas. It will be a beautiful memory as all the youth will be at the podium with their names and countries.

In the theme of “Leaving a Legacy Behind” UTS has decided to raise funds for the youth in need at the temporary shelters along the Thai-Myanmar Border. No donation is too small or too large. Whoever has the means to give is encouraged to do so by scanning the QR code below. There is certainly no obligation.

All proceeds will go towards the RTP Nursery Schools in the temporary shelters along the Thai-Myanmar border

Now, let us enjoy the achievements of our amazing Youth tomorrow night!