UTS was invited to collaborate with the Ju-jitsu International Federation 30 April 2022 as a part of their virtual event “Ju-Jitsu and Sport for Development: Essential Toolkits for All Community Ju-Jitsu Projects.”

JJIF provided an academic series of free webinars to share and discuss the basics of creating and running a sustainable development project in Ju-Jitsu. Four sessions were held focusing on the pillars of JJIF: Protection, Inclusion, Empowerment, and the SDGs in the context of sport and development. Sessions were held every Saturday in April, starting with the 9th, each session focused on one Topic with each session consisting of 2 Parts, a presentation on the topic delivered by an expert and a Q&A section for the attendees to delve deeper into the topic.

Dates, Topics, and Speakers:

09 April 2022: Protection (Tom Ismer, not with me)

16 April 2022: Inclusion (Oliver King and Vivaddhana Khaou, Inclusive


23 April 2022: Empowerment (Meggie Ochoa, Fight to Protect JJIF Board member)

30 April 2022: SDGs in context of sport (Julia Govinden, CEO United Through Sports)

After signing a memorandum of understanding in May 2021, UTS and JJIF collaborated on their first event of 2022 towards using the power of sport to educate, unite and inspire across borders.

UTS Chief Executive Officer Julia Govinden gave a presentation to the JJIF family focusing on the 2030 SDG Agenda, the importance of the SDGs as a blueprint to guide society and how sport is an important enabler of sustainable development. The aim was to educate and guide us all towards making our own unique impact on society and working through the power of sport towards learning from the past and working towards a better tomorrow.

Ms Govinden inspired and empowered the attendees and stated: “The global goals are what we want humanity and the world to be. But how do we achieve this vision? By each of us doing something to change it. The world can only be as good, as stable, and as healthy as we humans make it.”

The event was joined by JJIF President Mr Panagiotis Theodoropoulos who shared his thoughts on the topic and stated: “Sports is everyday life; the SDGs are about finding a balance between a good life for all and nature. What actions do we need to take to maintain the balance? It is about encouraging people to express their abilities in an open manner and that we should not be wasteful. We should look at our actions towards giving and receiving happiness, as this approach makes for a better society, a better world.”

JJIF youth participated in the last UTS World Virtual Youth Festival, take a look at their fantastic results:


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