On the 10th of April Ju-Jitsu launched their “Ju-Jitsu for Good” program of working towards “a better world through Ju-jitsu” via an online Conference. 

Sport can significantly impact individuals, communities and societies through the transformation of lives. In Ju-Jitsu alone, there are various projects and initiatives that have demonstrated that, and the JIIF family want to build a community within there community working towards shared developmental objectives. 

The purpose of “Ju-Jitsu for Good” is to have a positive impact. JJIF wants emphasize, that ju-jitsu’s goal is not just to win medals in competitions, but to have positive impact on others, communities and society as a whole. 

JJIF want to leave a legacy behind, when they say “for good”, there is a connotation of something that is lasting. This shows that the legacy JJIF will leave behind, will not just be in the number champions they produce on the mat, but on the number of lives changed for the better by this sport and martial art. It is in the positive impact on the world as an organisation that will build a strong legacy.

Organisations and entities who contributed to the event were: Not With Me, BJJ for the Deaf Youth Philippines, Project Aokas, Fight to Protect and United Through Sports.

Ju-jitsu based projects have made a significant impact on the communities and lives around them which were presented and included: 

1. Not with Me – Violence Prevention of the German Ju-Jutsu Association

2. BJJ for the Deaf Youth Philippines – Sharing Jiujitsu to Youth of the Deaf Community

3. Project Aokas – Helping Children in Phnom Penh through Jiujitsu

4. Fight to Protect – Fighting Child Sexual Violence through Jiujitsu

UTS CEO, Julia Govinden delivered a presentation highlighting the cooperation between JJIF and UTS and said: “Working together with JJIF since 2018, has seen international success within various events due to the strong alliance and a mutually shared vision and mission.”

The President of UTS Stephan Fox, was also present for this event and he congratulated the federation. Mr Fox said: “We must all congratulate JJIF under the dedicated leadership of President Panagiotis, Director General Joachim Thumbfart and certainly international athlete ambassador Meggie Ochoa. Sport has the power to unite and together we must continue to give hope, opportunity and support to those in need.”

Want to join the Ju-Jitsu for Good community? 

Join them via: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jj4good/.

Be inspired. Learn. Take part.

Together we can make a greater impact.