A historical Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed virtually by the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) and United Through Sports (UTS) to strengthen the cooperation in developing sport for underprivileged youth in sports, as well as for people with different abilities be it physically or mentally. The MoU encourages collaboration at the service of youth well-being via events and education.

JJIF President Panagiotis said: “When I spoke to Stephan Fox in 2015, he had a dream and he had a vision how we can offer young people good opportunities to enjoy, learn and participate in different events around the world. After several years we saw that was applied and we received from different countries all very positive feedback. This means it really is touching the minds and hearts of the people. I would be really enthusiastic to continue to develop more activities with UTS, bringing people together, either through national or virtual meetings. UTS is giving heart and soul to their events, for everybody. It’s all about inclusion and non-discrimination.” 

UTS President Fox added: “Congratulations to JJIF for the amazing work they have been doing towards inclusion, gender equality and for always putting the effort into their work. I want to thank the federation towards the collaboration of signing this important MOU today. We are looking forward to joining forces for the next events to come and ensure that the JJIF youth and beyond, will have opportunities to enjoy sports regardless the challenges and diversities they face. Let us continue to do this together and we look forward to a continued collaboration.”

During the signing of the MOU, UTS CEO Julia Govinden honoured the active role of the JJIF in all the past major UTS events and emphasized the support of JJIF from day one.  

The JJIF President thanked UTS President Stephan Fox and CEO Julia Govinden for their effort and all the work during all the past years and he is looking forward to continuing actively working with UTS in the years to come.

The Ju-Jitsu International Federation is an international sport federation founded in 1998 after the expansion of the European Ju-Jitsu Federation for the propagation of the modern competitive sports version of Jujitsu, also known as Sport Ju-Jitsu. The JJIF is a member of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations) and AIMS (Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport).

Watch the full video of the signing: JJIF and UTS MoU Signing