IPSC and UTS sign MOU to strengthen collaboration

On 10 April 2024 in Birmingham, (right) IPSC Vice President Friedrich Gepperth and (left) UTS President Stephan Fox signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further expand their partnership, advocating for youth of all abilities and committing to providing opportunities for the next generation.

Birmingham UK, 10 April 2024 – UTS and the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the 2024 SportAccord Convention to further expand their partnership advocating to place youth of all abilities at the forefront giving opportunities through sport, education and health. The partnership is aimed at ensuring athletes within the confederation and beyond can develop and feel included, no matter their ability.

The signing ceremony united IPSC Vice President Friedrich Gepperth and UTS President Stephan Fox, who made a firm commitment to do their best in the service of the next generations, ensuring all athletes of every caliber hit their mark! 

The signing was attended by UTS CEO Julia Govinden and the UTS team. UTS and IPSC agreed to cooperate in areas of mutual interests with the aim of contributing to the development of humankind as well as the promotion and development of Sports and the Youth Development Movement locally and around the world.

“Having collaborated with IPSC since 2018 across several youth sport events around the world, this agreement is a dedicated step towards a closer and continued collaboration. With fantastic upcoming events and festivals, we have no doubt that this partnership will contribute to the lives of thousands of youth across the globe. My respect to President Vitaly Kryuchin and Vice President Friedrich Gepperth, for their dedication to empowering young aspiring athletes to advocate beyond their sport and contribute towards humankind” said UTS President Stephan Fox.

IPSC Vice President Friedrich Gepperth said

“IPSC is committed and dedicated to working with United through Sports to ensure that youth of all abilities have more opportunity through the IPSC. We are eagerly looking forward to encouraging our thousands of athletes to advocate for inclusion, equality, and non-discrimination as well as the Olympic values.”

This MoU will strengthen the joint efforts towards promoting the rights of youth and in line with the UN SDGs with the aim of prosperity for everybody.

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