Today, we take you into the world of fabulous Fistball! The International Fistball Association (IFA) is the world governing body for all Fistball sports and is a proud member of GAISF and AIMS. The former President Mr. Karl Weiss is an AIMS Council Member and has taken Fistball to a record number of Member countries.

The newly elected Mr. Jörn Verleger represents the next generation of Fistball and continues to build the vision of a united Fistball Family building the next and expanding the Fistball family.

Fistball is included in many Multi-sport Games including The World Games and TAFISA. The AIMS President was part of the last Fistball World Championships in Switzerland which he described as, “an awesome experience of sport.” Our UTS CEO was also elected to take the position of Chairwoman for the IFA Ethics Commission earlier this year where she described the sport as “ A must for anyone who has never tried or experienced it.”

Today we take you to Fistball’s great initiative “Fistball at home” which showcases a sport for everybody and all generations.

Let’s get together with Fistball and keep active!