Today the sky will dazzle in celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games which will ignite the world towards unity, solidarity and hope. Today is the opening ceremony in Japan and the games will run through to August 8. After much awaited anticipation and uncertainty, the time has finally arrived.

UTS would like to wish all the athletes every success for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Although we may not be in the audience supporting in person, the world will be cheering for you and proudly supporting from home.

Each athlete has given their best to prepare for this moment and the world’s most prestigious sporting event, the Olympics. During such challenging times, you have kept your dreams in sight and found ways to keep dedicating your time towards your ultimate goal.

This is your Olympics, breathe it all in. We want you to enjoy every moment as you represent your countries, federations, communities, families and most importantly yourselves.

UTS President Stephan Fox shares a message to all the athletes and said: “ The world must stand in solidarity, discipline, dedication and determination so we can triumph over covid 19. The athletes of the world via the Olympic flame show us in so many ways that nothing is impossible. Billions of people from all parts of this globe are watching towards Tokyo, towards the athletes. Yes, there may not be any spectators but billions and billions of hearts reach out towards the ambassadors of world sport for peace and hope. We all are inspired by you.”

Good luck, and we look forward to celebrating your successes and your journeys under the five rings.

To the International Olympic Committee, Tokyo Organising Committee, to all the technical officials, judges and each person who has worked tirelessly to bring the Games to life, we thank you. As athletes around the world come together, we truly are stronger together.