Are You Ready for the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2021

United Through Sports and the Riyadh 2034 Asian Games local organising committee under patronage of the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics International, AIMS and GAISF. This event will be hosted from Riyadh to the world.

Over 100 organisations are participating in this all-inclusive sport and educational event. The educational workshops and panels will be held parallel to the youth sports challenges from the 20th to the 25th of November.

It will kick off with 4 fantastic live workshops supported and participated by the IOC, IPC, SOI WADA, ITA, IOC young leaders, Yunus Sports Hub and the inspiring UTS youth ambassadors.

Topics for the sessions include:

  • The Inclusion Revolution and Global Values
  • UTS Ambassadors Cultivate Community
  • IOC Young Leaders: Building a Better World Through Sport
  • Towards the Future and Clean Sport

The sessions are interactive and all youth are encouraged to get involved. Every one who participates in all the workshops will receive a special certificate from the IOC, IPC, SOI and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee. Every workshop will have surprise guest speakers who will bring smiles and their uniqueness to the event.

Last year, each workshop reached capacity of over 2500 participants per session and this year we have opened up for more, so no one is left behind.

The youth will have the chance to ask questions, learn from the experts and approach learning from a perspective of fun and reflection.

The Inclusion Revolution and Global Values is a collaboration between the IOC, IPC and SOI aimed at making the world more inclusive through the power of sport. Our 9 UTS Ambassadors will “Cultivate Community” by sharing their own experiences and encouraging the youth to get pro-active and engage in their communities. The IOC Young Leaders will share with the youth how they contribute to building a better world through sport and the growing cooperation between WADA and ITA will see youth athletes from IFs and NFs join an important session to educate the importance of being responsible, knowing their rights and understanding the importance of clean sport.

Following the 4 workshops are 6 sessions that focus on topics including:

  1. The Saudi Arabia Vision: 2030
  2. Empowered by Tokyo 2020 Champions
  3. A New Normal: Moving Forward and Sport Challenges
  4. Mental Health and Prioritizing Well-Being in Sports
  5. Virtual Events and Experiences in Sports
  6. Athletes Towards Social Change and Empowerment

Each session and opening conference will be inspired by world renowned speakers including IPC President Andrew Parsons, the 8th UN Secretary General H.E Ban Ki Moon, Noble Peace Prize winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus, IOC Executives and Board members such as Ivo Ferriani, Mikaela Cojuangco-Jaworski, HRH Prince Faisal Al Hussein, HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, Lord Sebastien Coe, Olympic champions, youth ambassadors and the list goes on.

These workshops are not to be missed and we encourage you to invite your youth to register on the platform and stand with us united for the future.

Registration and information to join the festival events can be found here and is open to the public. The education program will be held between the 20-25 November and will begin with 4 fantastic live workshops streamed on the virtual platform and on the United Through Sports Facebook page.

You are never too young or too old and the registration is free!!! So, please, encourage your members, your federations, colleagues and friends to be part of UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2021.


To find out more about the festival visit: or to discuss further email [email protected].
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