AIMS Member IFBB Inspires

We are all affected by the pandemic, many have lost loved ones, some in critical or recovering conditions while others are in quarantine and are under daily life altering restrictions. Everyone is affected, including our World of Sport. The Olympic and the AIMS family as an IOC recognised umbrella organisation stands in solidarity, and now more than ever the Olympic values shine bright.

The unity of AIMS showcases the strength of AIMS, and our diversity is our power. Where we may not be able to meet physically, we will continue to inspire one another and showcase the respective sports of the AIMS family.

Today, we will take you to the home of the President of IFBB, DR. Rafael Santonja, the authority IF in the sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness. The President has taken IFBB to this leading role, whilst showcasing that he stays as much an athlete, as he is President, and also that age is only just a number.

Respect to the IFBB President and also for showing to us how easy it is to create a fitness workout using household items.