A stunning crescendo of unity as the world united in all their diversity to watch the 24th edition of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

With close to 3,000 athletes from 91 nations, the Games are set to be a spectacular moment in world sporting history. A mission of the Games is to unite above and beyond borders, differences and towards a better future where the audience witnessed the centerpiece of the Olympic torch, a snowflake combining 91 nations standing together.

IOC President, spoke to the world and asked for everybody to “give peace a chance” and encouraging us all to live “peacefully and respectfully together.”

Just six months ago in Tokyo, there were no spectators, no audience, family, or friends to cheer and support the athletes. Now, as the world begins to open up once again, we can only hope that health and well-being will remain of utmost importance.

UTS President Stephan Fox said, “I only can echo the inspiring words of IOC President Thomas Bach that the Olympic athletes are the ambassadors of peace and cultural understanding and how peaceful this world would be if we all respected the same rules and each other. The athletes show the world that it can be possible to be fierce rivals but also show respect to one another at the same time. This is the true spirit of the Olympics; uniting human kind in all our diversity.”

We stand with and for the athletes of the world cheering for you to live your dreams! 

images source: BBC News/ NPR.org