The World Youth Festival (WYF) is the unique UTS flagship event celebrating our values of inclusion, equality, peace-promotion and non-discrimination. We use the power of sport as the vehicle to promote our values.

WYF is the frontrunner for youth inclusive events in the world of Sports and is a massive inspiration to the international sporting world. The World Youth Festival made history as the first and only sport event to bring the International Olympic Committee, Paralympics, and Special Olympics together in one event celebrating sports and youth of all abilities.


The World Youth Festival contains educational and sports programs that positively impact young lives.

EDUCATION. We organise workshop style sessions for youth to inspire, learn and take action. The workshops (as all elements of the festival) are a combination of sport and our values. We have an extensive international network that we invite to create an unique educational program for each WYF. We’ve already worked together with organisations including Yunus Sports Hub who combine sport and social enterprise with a goal to end poverty. During a workshop our youth audience brainstorm social enterprise ideas in their community. Our audience gets inspired by IOC Young Leaders who present how they’ve leveraged sport to make a change in their community and inspire the youth. Our own UTS ambassadors from around the world who each have risen above their own challenges with one of our values, will inspire first hand how we can all change the world. Youth inspiring youth is what makes the change.

SPORT. Time for action! We all know that youth should not only sit and listen all day, they need to keep active and motivated. During our sport sessions at our sport festival we experience inclusion and equality on the sports field. We work together with the IOC, Paralympics, Special Olympics and the national sports federations to create a sports event for all. The activities can include competition, pure fun, try new sports and get inspired by real inclusive sports..


Hosting a World Youth Festival in your country will bring the eyes of the international sport community to you withimmense impact by:

  • Making you a frontrunner in supporting inclusion through sport, education and society
  • Unite the Paralympics and Special Olympics of Oman with the Olympics, for the first time in one event andtowards future collaboration
  • Promote closer relationships between International Sport Federations and National Sport Federations
  • Showcase your ability as an international sports event hub
  • Give you the opportunity to network with over 146 international organisations like UNESCO, Peace andSport, Yunus Sports Hub
  • Access to our Youth ambassadors and to discover your own, to inspire the youth in Oman and nurture youryouth to join as ambassadors of change
  • Showcase and promote popular sports in the region and your rising star athletes
  • Share the unique Oman culture to the world


Over 15,000 attendees

146 organisations

Over 150 international and VIP speakers

5 Virtual competitions

600 contestants

5 continents

126 countries

31 sports 80 teams attending

300 youth talent performers

Olympians,Paralympic & Special Olympic champions

Migrant & refugee youth

Cumulative impressions: 380,000

Cumulative reach social media: 250,000


More than 300 hours watch time

Click here for the highlight videos of the World Youth Festival 2022:


The United Through Sports organisation is a unique bridge across the international sport community through events,advocacy and activism, where youth of all abilities from across 5 continents can thrive, flourish and feel included.

UTS was formed as a united step towards creating a more inclusive sporting event supported by the Olympics,Paralympics and the Special Olympics as well as the Olympic and Non-Olympic sports. The UTS community hasexperienced rapid growth over the last few years sparking a global movement of over 146 organisations towardsplacing youth in all their diversity at the centre, right where they should be.

By forming strong alliances, UTS delivers multi-sport events including sport festivals, tournaments and educationalevents that promote sports in an inclusive, equal and safe environment. UTS Youth Ambassadors are coming togetherbe it at United Nations or the sports field to inspire young people towards a better world united as one voice.

United Through Sports (UTS) was founded in 2017 under the umbrella of AIMS (The Alliance of IndependentRecognised Members of Sport). AIMS is one of the 5 umbrella bodies fully recognized by the International OlympicCommittee (IOC) and the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

The foundation of UTS is based on 4 key values: inclusion, equality, non-discrimination and peace-promotion.


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